Nursery Program

Nursery Program


Nursery-ProgramThe Busy Bear Nursery Program offers 3 year old classes that engage in exploration and small group projects. As children grow accustomed to exploring their world without their parent close by, they begin to learn through play and group activities.

Class Time

Children engage in imaginative play supported by their teacher as well as individual projects. This environment is used as a building block to pre-kindergarten concepts, focusing on colors and shapes. During the day, children engage in hands on activities, arts and crafts, reading and math manipulatives, science exploration and creative play. The children engage in daily physical activity in our outdoor playground area or our indoor gymnasium further developing their gross motor skills.

For registration information and a tour of the school call 732-946-2688.

My daughter is currently enrolled in the Nursery Program with Mrs. Reiss and Mrs. Moore. This is her first school experience and as a parent to see and hear how much my child loves school and her teachers is such a terrific feeling!

Her teacher is such a caring and loving teacher. She provides structure in academics as well as teaching the children kindness in meeting and working with each other. Her teachers are nurturing and so wonderful as well. They are a great team and we are thankful that our daughter has them.


My daughter is in  a pre-k class at Busy Bear Nursery School . The teachers provide a warm and welcoming environment where my daughter is able to grow socially, emotionally and academically.

I am very impressed with the level of academic preparedness my daughter is getting in this class. She is also developing a love of learning. I would highly recommend  Busy Bear Nursery School!


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